Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gaige and Gray dancing


So we decided to take the boys camping. It was a lot of fun except for the no sleep part.
We went camping with our great friends the Reuters and the Hambys.

Our first night there Gaige got to eat roasted marshmellows for the first time. He had a great time with Aunt Amy.

So both days that we were camping we did so serious hiking. Yes I went hiking with a 5 week old baby straped to me. It was great. Very intense.

Every time we put Gaige in this for hiking he falls asleep. Which turns out to work well because it is usually the only nap he gets.

Amy being a great trooper, as we tortured her with our hikes.

Shane hung a swing for the kids.

By the end of day three Gaige was exhausted.