Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Okay so on my birthday I witnessed a burglary at the house across the street from ours. This house is a foreclosure so no one has lived in it since we moved in, in November. So anyway I got up that morning and was going about our morning routine and noticed this suspicious truck across the street so I watched 2 guys jump out of the truck and run around each side of the house. They then jumped into the truck and left. They weren't there 30 secs. So I started straightening up the house and say the same truck drive by again. So this time they didn't stop but I was already suspicious so I called Shane at work to tell him what I had seen. While I was o the phone with Shane the truck came back parked in front of the house were the passenger got out of the truck and went to the back yard. The drive got a for a few seconds and walked around I guess to see if anyone was watching, little did he know I had a front row view of everything. So anyway I ran upstairs to see if I could get a license plate number. But by the time I got upstairs he was backing the truck into the driveway. So I go running downstairs (w/ Shane still on the phone) and perched at the window. Well I wasn't watching long when he went to the front door, and pulled something out of his pocket and shoved it into the the door frame. So I told Shane that he was prying the door open. Shane immediately got on the phone with dispatch and started giving them all the info that I was giving (vehicle description, the description of the 2 guys). So then I see one of them come walking out of the house very quickly and get what looked like a dolly out of the back of the truck and go back in less then a minute later they were carrying the refrigerator out. I told Shane that they were loading up the refrigerator and I decided to go outside. So I walked outside and asked the driver if they were supposed to be there. He told me that they were just there to do some touch up painting and I said then why are you taking the fridge and he said because it was broken and I told him that, that didn't make since if he was a painter then he shouldn't be taking the fridge. He said well I do other things too. I said that still doesn't make since. He said I am not lying to you and jumped into the truck and speed away. I was able to then read the licence plate off to Shane. Who was still on the phone and upset because he wasn't home to be part of the action.

So anyway the police came toke my statement and cleared the house. When Shane got home from work they had called him and said we need your wife to come I.D. the guy we have him pulled over. So Gaige go his first ride in Dad's Car. He loved the lights and sirens. Every time we would take off he would go vrm vrm...

They did catch the guy and now he will be in jail for a very long time. He did confess to this burglary and about 17 more. It ended up being a very large burglary ring these guys would get a call from some one telling them what house to go to and what to take and where to drop it off. They got paid $50 for each delivery. Then the guy that was telling them what to do would take the items and sell them to property management companies.