Thursday, February 26, 2009


We are having another boy.


We do webcam with Grandma and Grandpa when we can. Gaige is starting to recognize who the are. So he really likes to see them and give the screen (Grandma) kisses.


Gaige loves to get in the cabinets to hide.

Helping Dad

Gaige loved trying to help paint our house this weekend. We couldn't keep him off of the ladders.

Gaige loves to help Shane with everything. From putting things together to working on computers. He wants to be doing anything that dad is doing.

Telling the Family

So this is how we told our parents about the new baby. We waited until we had the first ultrasound done. We printed it out framed it and wrapped it up for them to open on Christmas morning. We couldn't wait until Christmas morning so they opened in on Christmas Eve. Under the baby it says "I will see you about July 23rd. Merry Christmas". Everyone was very excited.


I know it is a little late. But we hope you enjoy anyway. We spent Christmas in Salt Lake. The weather on our way was horrible. We couldn't see 20ft in front of us so we drove about 20 mph for most of the way. But we still ended up sliding off the road. Gaige thought it was fun, as the car was spinning Gaige was in the back giggling. These pics were taken as things started to clear up for a while.

The weather was bad most of the time. Shane had a lot of fun navigating the roads.

Getting ready to go sledding with the Slights.

Gaige hated the snow, he wouldn't even touch it. All he wanted was to be held the whole time we were outside.

He had alot of fun with Aunt Amy's foot bath.