Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Crazy Month

So things as usual have super busy. Shane decided to continue working at the Orlean's. So he is still working 2 jobs. He is such a hard worker. We went up to Salt Lake City two weeks ago, to see Amy off to BYU Idaho. Just Gaige and I went up. We had a great time with the family and just getting away for a bit. We took Gaige to the Aquarium which he didn't really care for but he did like the octopus.

Gaige of course would hardly leave my side the whole time that we were there, until we went over to Mark and Debbie's he had a blast playing with Avery. He absolutely loves Anika and Cambry.

Gaige has also been very busy. He loves to help me around the house. Lately it has been the laundry. He also has been very curious and gets into everything. Nothing is safe anymore. He climbs on everything.

Gaige loves crawling under the bed. But once he gets under he can't get out.

So this morning I woke up to find a puppy in the backyard. Gaige went out with me and freaked out. And when I say freak out I mean he was screaming, crying trying to climb up my legs to get away from the dog. He loves dogs from a distance. He gets very excited when he hears them but doesn't want them within touching distance. So after he freaked out I couldn't get him to come outside anymore. We had the dog most of the day until I could find who it belonged to. Even in the house he was afraid that the dog was going to get him so he would watch very carefully to make sure that it wasn't close.

So I have started packing things up here and there, when I can find the time. Gaige loves to try and help but it really isn't help. He takes everything out that I just packed or he climbs in the boxes.

So the reason I have been packing is that we have been house hunting for the last 2 months and finally had an offer accepted after putting in about 4 offers. We are very excited.

The house is pretty big. But we found a great deal. It is 2508 sq. feet. So it has 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, a formal living room. A family room and a loft. So there is a ton of space. Did I mention that we are super excited.

Formal Living room

Living room, and the kitchen/dining room

Our huge backyyard.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Loft looking down to the front door.