Thursday, March 27, 2008


Shane started his new job this week. He has been so excited, counting down the days till he started his job. The day that he started was like christmas for him, because he came home with his taser, mace, ammo, and a hundred other things that I don't remember. We are so proud of him. Doesn't he look so handsom in his uniform?


Aunt Susan has a Easter picnic every year. So we went the kids got to color eggs, have an easter egg hunt, ya know the works. Shane had to work that day, so we didn't get to stay very long. But Aunt Susan gave Gaige a very messy cookie with all kinds of icing on it. He loved it and made a great mess for me to clean up later.

Gaige has also discovered cabinets this week. He hasn't started taking things out yet. He just likes to see what is in them, and move it all around.

Gaige has also started to climb in things. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough. By the time I got back to take the picture he was already climbing out. He was completly inside behind the books.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hiking at Red Rock

This week Shane has been on spring break, so we thought that we would take some time to do some things that we don't get to do very often. So we decided on Wednesday to go hiking and rock climbing at Red Rock. We had a blast it was great to be able to spend family time together. We rarely get to do this so it is a cherished moment.

Gaige was so tired.

He feel asleep before we got to the top, and slept most of the way down. Don't ask me how.

I love this picture of Shane and Gaige.

Isn't he so cute?

Friday, March 14, 2008


This is a video of Gaige walking around with his walk and ride that Aunt Amy got him for christmas. And a great video of him dancing.


This week we had playgroup at the park with some friends from our old ward. We had a picinic and the kids got to play on the slides and swings. They had a blast. Gaige was super tired, b/c he wouldn't take a morning nap. But as soon as he was able to play it didn't matter it was like he got a second wind. He is 10 1/2 months now, can you believe it. This is Grayson he is 1month older than Gaige. They are great buddies. They like to pull and tug on eachother climb on eachother you know the things babies do. Gaige is so great for Jessica (Grayson's mom). I will have to take advantage of this.

In the picture above (left) is Gracie (right) is Grayson & Jessica (Grayson's Mom) in the back is Ethan & Rachael (Ethan's Mom). Ethan is 4months older than Gaige. Rachael is pregnant with her 2nd baby so when she has the new baby they will be 20 months apart.

Gaige and Gracie get along great. Gracie is 1month older than Gaige. She is walking so Gaige thinks that this is all the rage. He tries to follow her everywhere. He will probably be walking in a month.

The guy holding Gaige is Hank (Jessica's Husband) Grayson is a clone of Hank. Seriously.

Gaige also got a new rocking chair this week. This is him just chillin, checking it out. He loves the foot stool. Shane sits him on it and rocks him back and forth so of course this is all he wants to do.

Gaige is just hanging out in the bathroom sink while Shane checks himself out in the mirror.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Gaige loves to climb the stairs. Everytime he starts up them he turns around to see if we are coming to get him. If he sees us coming for him, he giggles and tries to climb the stairs as fast as he can.

This is how Gaige falls asleep. Doesn't look very comfortable.