Friday, December 19, 2008


This year for Thanksgiving we were able to go down to Texas. We had so much fun being able to spend it with our families.

We did a early Christmas with my family since we won't be able to spend Christmas with them. Really it was just for the kids. But we had a great time, J.R. made so really good burritos for dinner. And the kids had a great time opening and playing with their toys. Gaige just had a great time playing with other kids.

The older boys got remote control cars that Gaige and Jeremiah loved chasing.

Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving if there isn't about 30 people there to share it with. So needless to say my Grandmas house every year is packed beyond capacity with friends and family. Then after dinner it is time for games that usually last well into the night.

Every room is usually packed with people it was so great to see so many of my cousins. And to meet my cousin Melissa's Fiance.

It was so great to see my Great Grandma Alice. On the Left side is my Grandpa Charlie which is Alice's oldest son, on the right is my Grandpa's son Drexel. My Grandma Alice will be 94 in Febuary.

Gaige loved Grandma's sweet potatoes. Every time I turned around he had his spoon digging into them. Not his plate, the dish.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Moving Day way crazy. I never thought that this day would come. It was a very hectic Day. Thank you Rueters for coming and helping espcially with Gaige. You were a life saver.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Disneyland Family Reunion

We went to California for a Burton Family Reunion. Disneyland was alot of fun but not the best place for an 18mnth old that wants to run and play. But he had a great time with his grandma and grandpa. This was the first time he has seen them that he would actually have something to do with them. Very exciting.

He had a blue sucker on the way to help keep him entertained. It was the worst drive ever. He cried for the first 40mins and the last 40 mins on a 4 hour drive. And now he throws a fit everytime we put him in his carseat.

First night with Grandma he held her hand. We were so excited.

First night in the hotel.

Gaige fell asleep under the bed.

Gaige didn't like the Characters. He would hug us as tight as he could and not look at them.

Carousel with Aunt Susan and Uncle Richard.

HALLOWEEN For Halloween I took Gaige trick-or-treating to all the family members hotel rooms. He had alot of fun knocking on the doors. But didn't like carrying his pumpkin, it was to heavy.


Gaige loved the water fountains.


Boat Ride


Before we left for California I had a shopping day with some girlfriends. Of course Gaige went with me and he had a blast playing in the clothing racks with Grayson.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Gaige had a blast carving the pumpkin. Everytime he stuck his hand in the pumpkin he would giggle.

Halloween Party

We had a ward playgroup halloween party. It was a ton of fun. The ward we are in now got together with our old ward so I got to see so many of our friends it was great. I couldn't believe how much their kids had changed. It made me miss our old ward so much. They are just the most friendly people. Gaige was dressed up as a puppy. He hated the hood so most people thought that he was a bear.