Monday, November 26, 2007


Gaige loves Aunt Susan

We had a very busy Thanksgiving. Shane had to work so Gaige and I went to Shane's Aunt Susans for lunch. When we were done there we had just enough time to run home and get so supplies for the diaper bag and head over the Shane's Aunt Marcis. We were there until about ten o'clock. Gaige did not sleep very well at all the night before he woke up every hour. So he was very tired and cranky for Thanksgiving. He was so tired and so much going on that he would not take a nap. So Thanksgiving Day was very long. But he did sleep all night and most of Friday so that was really nice. He loved Thanksgiving he got to try all kinds of new foods, he tried turkey, ham, yams, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, he really did not like the yams. But now he is very sick, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing. You get the picture. It is no fun.

Gaige and Thomas playing piano. Giage thought that this was very funny.

Gaige and Jack playing. They were born three weeks apart.

Friday Gaige and I put up and decorated the Christmas tree.

He also got his first taste of D.P.

Friday, November 16, 2007


About two weeks ago we flew to Bend, Oregon so that Shane could test with the Police Department. We had a great time even though it was a quick trip. We are really hoping that it works out. But we haven't heard anything yet. Shane talked to one of the Sergeants today and he told him that they were still doing the Oral boards. So that he probably won't hear anything until the end of November. We stayed with Shane's Aunt and Uncle while we were in Oregon. They live on a farm. So they have a few cows. Gaige got to see a cow up close and personal. He really liked touching the nose.

Gaige thought that this was pretty cool. On the flight to Oregon, Gaige did very well. The flight wasn't even close to being full, so they gave us a third seat for Gaige. We were going to be early getting to Oregon, so while we were taxing out to take off the Captain gets on the PA and says that it is going to be about a twenty minute wait. That we are the seventh in line to take off. So there were three people that decided that they couldn't wait to go to the bathroom. They get up and start walking around. The flight attendant tells them that they need to return to their seats. One person did the other two made a big deal about it. She gets on the PA and tells them that they need to return to their seats. That it is like a car when it is moving you are not walking around. Well they did not like this so they started to argue with her so she calls for the other two flight attendants, who go back to help. About five minutes later they get these people back to their seats but tell them that we are going to go back to the terminal were they will deboard the plane. This did not happen, the Captian got back on the PA and told them that if they did not stay seated that we would turn around. This upset everyone flying . So we did not have to turn around. THANK GOODNESS.

Gaige was great on the flight he slept most of the way. Shane was holding him on take off. While they were watching out the window Gaige feel asleep. So we put him in the seat in between us where he slept until our decent. That was great when we were deboarding the plane people kept telling us what a good baby we had and they they didn't even know that we had a baby with us. We had these twin girls on our flight that were about 18 months old they screamed the whole way. We are very lucky to have such a good baby.

When he woke up we let him keep his seat. We set him up and buckled him in, he really enjoyed playing with the buckle. We had a lot of fun taking pictures while we were there. It was pretty chilly. So of course Gaige was bundled up.

He really had a great time with Aunt Jill. Gaige also had a ton of fun with Derrick. Derrick made it look very easy to get Gaige to laugh. Derrick would make these popping noises that Gaige thought was hilarious but when any of us tried to make the noises he didn't think that it was worth laughing at he would give us what I call a courtesy smile.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gaige's 6 Month Pictures

We had alot of fun doing these. Since we had these done every time Gaige sees the camera now he starts to smile. I can't believe it has already been 6 months. He has changed so much. I don't think that he looks much like his newborn pics anymore. It is very sad to me that he is already 6 months old and doing all these new things. I really like the newborn stage. But it is also fun and very rewarding to see him experience things.

I love this picture of Shane and Gaige.

There were so many great pictures that it made it very hard to pick out favorites.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Green Bean Disaster

Yesterday I was about to feed Gaige green beans for dinner. Well when I sat down to start feeding him he grabbed the beans out of my hand, and before I could do anything he dumped them out on his tray and smeared them everywhere. It didn't really bother me because he was already a mess from eating a biter biscuit. So he had cookie from head to toe. But it kept him from trying to grab our food. Shane didn't even want to touch him. So needless to say as soon as he was done eating he got a bath. It was such a disaster there was green beans everywhere. But he had fun he was giggling like crazy.

He has also started this new thing, where he leans over the tray and starts spitting food out onto the tray and smears it everywhere. Then starts to giggle.

The past couple of weeks have been so crazy. It seems like we haven't really had any down time. So Gaige has been out of his routine for a couple of weeks which makes for a very cranky baby. Gaige does not want to go to sleep without being held and when he is awake he wants to be held which makes it very hard for me to get much done. So while I was doing laundry the other day I put him in the basket to help me. This kept him entertained while I finished the laundry.

Monday, November 5, 2007


We had a very fun Halloween. Gaige got to TRICK-OR-TREAT for the first time. We went to Mike and Heidi's ward. They had alot of people there, and a ton of great costumes. We saw Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. We also saw Willie Wonka and an Umpa lumpa, Gilligan from Gilligan's Island. So we had alot of fun. We dressed Gaige up like a clown. Or I should say I dressed him up like a clown. I was getting him ready when Shane got home from work. So when Shane walked in I had Gaiges face painted all white. So Shane told Gaige that he was sorry that his mommy was so mean. But he got to trick or treat with our friends Chad and Jenn's boy Landon and Brodi. They are such good friends we are really going to miss them when they move next month.

By the end of the night Gaige had drooled so much that all the makeup was gone from his chin. He was so good while I painted his face he didn't hardly move at all, he just tried to grab the the sponges.

Last week I found one of my old hats. I guess he must really like hats because every time we put hats on him he leaves them alone. He doesn't whine because there on his head or even try to pull them off.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


My sister and her 2 kids fly up to Las Vegas for my Grandpa's funeral. So I got to see her and the kids this was alot of fun. Being so far away is sometimes hard for me. I miss that Gaige isn't able to know his family better. But it was fun having my sister and the kids here. On Saturday, Shane stayed home and kept Gaige while my sister and I toke our mom to Mesquite to meet her brother. Mesquite is about an hour and 15 minutes from Vegas. So I think that this is the longest I have ever left Gaige. So I was very nervous even though I knew he was just fine with his dad. While my sister and the kids were here. We toke them up to Red Rock Canyon. This was very exciting for Joseph because it was the first time that he had ever seen mountains.

When we got back into Vegas I was going to pick up some food for Shane. I completely forgot that I was going to do this until I had already turned the wrong direction. So I decided to make a U-Turn. Well in the process of making the U-Turn Brooke and I hear this loud crash. When we turned around to look Jeremiah's carset had fallen over on top of Joseph. Both the kids were screaming. So I got to were I could pull over very quickly so that we could get the carseat buckeled back in. So I guess that Joseph has learned now not to unbuckle the carseat. It shouldn't have been funny but it was. I am just glad that it happened like this and not in an accident.

The boys had a blast playing together.